OUR Mission

About SAGE

OUR Vision

Creating better futures through social enterprises, socially responsible

businesses and community service.

To help create the next generation of entrepreneurial leaders whose innovations and social enterprises address the major unmet needs of our global community.

SAGE - an acronym for Students for the Advancement of Global Entrepreneurship. It is a nonprofit Transnational Social Movement Organization initiated at the California State University Chico USA by Professor Curtis Deberg. It engages young people in a hands-on learning process on how to create wealth, help others and their communities. Since the adoption of the SAGE Programme in Ghana in 2005, it has shown that it is a potent model for educational reform, youth re-orientation, community service learning and youth employment generation. SAGE Ghana's strategy is to prepare and empower Ghanaian youth through a youth entrepreneurship and community service programme, while simultaneously emphasizing the importance of financial literacy, ethical business practices, civic engagement and environmental awareness.

SAGE Model

Each year, SAGE organizes and hosts a series of regional and national tournaments where teams ofSAGE teens showcase their businesses to a panel of influential members from the business, civicand education communities. SAGE teams are encouraged to identify a SAGE Coach to guide them.









Curriculum, Mentorship & Competition




Curriculum provides SAGE Teams with materials that prepare and train Teenagers with the knowledge and skills to be an entrepreneur. 


SAGErs are introduced to course modules for both on - campus and off - campus studies.


Curriculum materials include; 


 - TRIS Mannual

- SAGE Handbook

- SAGE InfoBook

- Annual Reports

- Presentation Tools.



A SAGE Mentor is a Tertiary Student who serves as a college Facilitator to SAGE Teenagers. Mentors guide SAGE Team Members to develop their Entrepreneurial Projects. Membership is open to all Post-Secondary, College and Tertiary Students who are passionate about Socially Responsible Business Operation and Entrepreneurship.



  • Opportunity to develop yourself Entrepreneurially


  • Be part for free SAGE Capacity building programmes


  • Opportunity to Represent Ghana together with your students at SAGE Annual World Cup


  • Apply for Afro Students Entrepreneurship Education Summit



At the competition, enthusiastic young entrepreneurs present the results of their entrepreneurial and social ventures to a panel of Jurists consisting of local and international business, civic and educational leaders.


Two winners will be selected in the SAGE Competitions; to represent Ghana at the Continental Competition,  SAGE World Cup and an opportunity to win a Seed Capital and other prizes for their projects.

The levels of competitions include;

- National High School

Entrepreneurship Competition 


- Afro-Sees Biz Challenge

- SAGE Global World Cup

- Special Challenges




We're a small team, driven to nurture young problem solvers.

Our Team

We are a small team with a start-up mindset. Whilst our ambition is great and we now have team members working remotely across the conntry, we remain a close-knit, friendly and energetic team who all believe passionately in our mission and values.

Here to Help

We pride ourselves in being a small but effective team; all of the things that happen behind the scenes at SAGE Ghana are hand cranked by us, with the support of our amazing board, partners, patrons and mentors. 

We are a friendly and approachable group, and should you ever need to get in touch - we are happy to help! We have dedicated members of staff to support each of our communities:

Ministry of Education l Ministry of Trade & Industry l National Entrepreneurship & Innovation Programme l National Youth Authority

A:      P.O. Box TU 8, TUC - Accra, Ghana

L:      8D - 8th Floor, Silver Star Tower - Airport City, Accra

E:      info@sageghana.org l sageghana@gmail.com |

T:      +233 (0) 302 90 95 19

M:     +233 (0) 24 812 7169 | +233 (0) 20  793 2835 

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